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Founded in 1982, The Tobacco Growers Association of North Carolina, Inc. (TGANC) is a 501c5 non profit agricultural advocacy organization.  It maintains offices in Raleigh, NC and is governed by a member elected board of directors.  Its mission is to advocate for success in farming this crop through the promotion of sound policies, scientific research, strong advocacy, education and marketing for its farm members.

The Association presents its annual report to the membership during its business session each February. 

TGANC monitors and reports to the membership on all aspects local, state and federal policy areas that can impact the business of farming and the commerce of tobacco.

TGANC is governed by 42 farmer directors elected by the membership at its annual meeting.  Directors volunteer to serve staggered two-year terms. There is equal geographical representation from three statewide districts.  Eight supporting industry directors are also elected to serve on the board.

The tobacco crop has historical and economic significance in America.  It was the very first trade and commerce for the New World colonists with England over 400 years ago.  It remains the top cash crop in North Carolina.

TGANC is a strong advocate for its members and the larger industry.  Whether its events such as the exhibits at the NC State Fair, hosting foreign customer delegations or countless media interviews the Association is always a positive voice for the industry.

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